The Wavemakers: Summer collection


FatFace reimagines its surf heritage on a source-to-sea adventure.

For our Summer campaign, FatFace breaks away from the classic beach model fashion shoot. Instead, we partner with a collective of five real people whose lives are shaped by the river and sea. Each of our collective has an authentic relationship with water that resonates with FatFace’s nature-loving audience, tapping into their holistic enjoyment of summer water activities.

Introducing our Wavemakers.

Our campaign celebrates the authentic and vital connection of our Wavemakers to wild water in a series of joyful, documentary-style portraits of them in it, by it, on it and under it. Photography and video edits capture the brand’s distinctive spirit of adventure as we travel from source to sea, sharing the camaraderie of the journey and seeing the FatFace Summer collection being enjoyed to its fullest.

As the FatFace Made for Life brand manifesto says, “they’re the memories we make on the journey we take.”

Tommy Brady: Kayaker

“I’m a massive water person. I love the freedom it gives me and I love kayaking because it gives me the opportunity to explore different environments from a different perspective.”



Lizzie Carr: Paddleboarder & clean-water activist

“My favourite thing about being out on the water would be the sense of calm and perspective that it gives me, no matter what or how heavy my day.”



Inka Cresswell: Marine Biologist & Underwater Photographer

“I am inspired by the ocean and the incredible diversity of life… you never know what you’re gonna see and what you’re going to encounter under the waves.”



Caroline South: Marine Artist

“When the kids were younger I started photographing the treasures we’d bring home from the beach. Then I realised how much plastic there was to be found and started creating artwork with it.”



Calum Maclean: Wild Swimmer

“Whether it’s a river, a lake or the sea you want, find somewhere you can walk into the water and also walk back out at the end so that it’s no hassle.”



"Red Bee Creative's combination of strategic insight, brilliant creative ideas and understanding of the FatFace brand and our values meant it was the perfect partnership."

Keely Stocker
Marketing and Brand Communications Director, FatFace