Discovery Networks

A new logo, visual identity, signature brand expression and design system to position Discovery Networks’ online TV service in the Nordic region, dplay, as a content-rich TV destination.

Discovery Networks is going through a transformation from a linear TV business to a multi-platform content provider.  In the Nordic region, with its much-loved local channels with popular entertainment programmes, the task was to reimagine dplay and its relationship with the linear channels in a way that would give dplay a more distinctive and appealing identity of its own and help the audience to discover that it’s far more than just a catch-up service.


By removing the generic play arrow, re-crafting the dplay name in lower case and converting the black disc (derived from the familiar globe of the Discovery Networks masterbrand) into a blue ‘microglobe’ icon, we created a distinctive and contemporary new logo for dplay.

We selected a dynamic font to work across all screens and media to complement the logo.  


The variety of weights allowed for different hierarchies of messaging, including the curator’s voice, to communicate directly with the audience. 




It has been a great pleasure, as always, to work with the Red Bee team. We gave them a hard nut to crack, and they worked with speed, agility, good humour and thoughtfulness and delivered a cracking piece of work, set to help us navigate the future. Having outside expert counsel, strategy and new thinking around creative direction and execution is invaluable and the Red Bee team are flexible, experienced and, most importantly, take the time to listen and understand our local challenges and issues - it's no one-size-fits-all with them. I am truly grateful for their hard work and perseverance on this tricky task.


Rebecca Rørmark, VP Marketing, Discovery Networks Nordics