Refreshing a nation’s favourite entertainment brand.

As Croatia’s leading broadcaster and one of the country’s top five media companies, Nova TV needed to refresh its brand identity to reflect how it wanted to be perceived: as an innovative media brand that lives and breathes across all platforms and devices.

A Refreshed Logo

In Croatia, the Nova TV logo is iconic and emblematic of the best entertainment on TV. We wanted to retain its heritage and make sure we didn’t lose any of its recognisability, but we also needed to tighten the lock-up and give it more strength in application.

Driving content attribution back to the masterbrand

The new flow and dynamism within breaks ensures that content is connected to the brand and credit is driven back to Nova TV.

"After almost ten years from Nova TV’s last rebranding project, we decided to go on with the evolution of our current brand. Red Bee delivered the top idea for our rebranding mission. It was a very well thought out concept, from which we could continue developing our visual representation of Nova TV.

The Red Bee team delivered solutions fast and acted very professionally throughout the process.

We have gained better flow of the promo packaging with some nice design details that follow up-to-date visual standards in graphic design and motion design. Also, the new brand design is working better across all other platforms and it is following Nova TV’s transformation into a multimedia platform."

DAMIR MORPURGO, Head of on-air promotion, Nova TV