13th Street


A digital first identity for NBCUniversal’s global crime brand. 

13th Street is a global crime and suspense TV brand owned by NBCUniversal International Networks. 

Since its last brand refresh, NBCU has significantly increased its social media presence and upped its digital strategy. Our brief was to think of 13th Street as a crime brand - rather than just a ‘channel’ brand - that would stand out on multiple platforms and get the attention of an audience that doesn’t watch traditional TV.


We developed a set of brand imprints: platform agnostic and instantly-recognisable visual signatures that are the foundation of the brand’s identity.

Brand imprints include classic design elements (colour, font, logo) as well as unique brand stamps that relate to a brand’s positioning.

In the case of 13th Street, a brand driven by the idea of anticipation, we were inspired by the brand’s core values to create a set of ownable imprints, including Magnification, Block-Out and a Focus-in Device. 


13th Street’s suspenseful and intriguing tone inspired additional imprints. 


The Block-Out and Focus-In Devices challenge the viewer to pay attention if they want to know the full story.


Imagery and text can be magnified to focus on small details and force reappraisal of a message.