BBC Three


We took the popular youth channel from terrestrial TV to its new home in the digital world. 

BBC Three was about to undergo a dramatic shift from being a terrestrial TV channel to becoming an online entertainment hub. 

We were briefed to bring to life the two channel pillars “Makes Me Laugh, Makes Me Think” in a way that would allow the brand to exist across a multitude of platforms and devices rather than simply on a television channel. 


BBC Three was moving from the safety of a dedicated TV home to full time residence in the ‘wild west’ of the digital world. 


The more a brand lives in the atomised digital universe, the less amount of ‘pure brand space’ it has.


The challenge with truly social video is that the more successful a brand, the more it is shared. The more it is shared, the more the brand drops away.


We started from the smallest possible place and built out from there. If the brand was to succeed in a social video world, then it needed to work hard as a YouTube thumbnail and on the smallest screens.

We talked about the new logo as a ‘stamp’ - something that would bond to the content, then get out of the way.


We also designed a mnemonic - especially relevant given the network’s sister radio station, Radio1, would play an active role in cross-promotion.

The graphics package needed to work just as hard and be a true multiscreen solution.

And we passed the YouTube thumbnail test we set for ourselves. The brand’s smart, small logo and punchy colour scheme stands out in a sea of video content.