Content Highlight of the Week:Virgin Atlantic. Safety, through film


A few years back, Virgin Atlantic were the pioneers of more imaginative in-flight safety videos. They started a bit of a trend and now most airlines do something a little more interesting than the old days of the stone-faced stewards' semaphore safety routine. But this week Virgin have raised the bar again.

This new safety video from Art & Graft acknowledges the context of in-flight film and takes the viewer on an animated dream-like journey through film's greatest genres and most evocative scenes - from western through film noir to Beatle-esque psychedelia. They even manage to ape (appropriately enough) Kubrick's famous jump-cut from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Now that's attention to detail.  The relevant safety instruction is cleverly woven into each scene so that a safety prompt is delivered without ever breaking the creative spell.  It's telling that something primarily designed for the purpose of instruction and demonstration on an aeroplane is already being shared around the web for pure entertainment and fun. It's an example to any brand that has advice to impart or a product demonstration to offer. Make it fun, and more people will watch it.