Content Highlight of the Week: Mercedes-Benz and The Forgotten Roadtrip


This week's highlight is a fascinating multimedia digital hybrid from Mercedes, the like of which we'd like to see more of.

Using an innovative mix of stills, video and animation it unravels the intriguing mystery of a chap who wakes up in the desert with nowt but his clothes, a pile of cash, a silver Mercedes, and no memory of who he is or how he got there.  Form follows function beautifully, as the fragmented nature of the snapshots, interactive animation and video shorts represent the erratic and discontinuous nature of his recollections and experiences.

Effectively, this digital experience is a product showcase, but one that seeks to grip its audience with a proper story, and one that doesn't seek to ram the product too far down your throat, even though the Merc appears in the majority of the footage and imagery. Perhaps the script could be a little more natural, and well, just a little more (maybe Mercedes Benz were paying the actor by the word?). But that's a minor quibble given the levels of deft style and clever engineering in the user experience. The whole thing is as smooth, sensuous and solid as the clunk of the door slam on a pricey German motor. Schön.