World Cup 2022


A unique visual identity for Telemundo’s coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


Telemundo wanted to create a single and unique visual identity to work across all their communications and broadcast graphics. Our design solution was born from the unstoppable Telemundo brand – the heart and home of fútbol.

The energy and intensity of the beautiful game is visualised as Passion Lines that pulsate and radiate out from the main logo. The lines also lead directly to content through transitions and movement, or interact and play with the content itself while ensuring it connects back to the Telemundo brand.

The emotion of the Passion Lines is also reflected in how the typography animates, with the letters rippling through various weights using variable fonts to form words.


Motion theory was based on the waves of sound and the physical celebration of a Mexican wave.

We created a special event mark for the event, inserting an infinity loop in COPA, echoing the official FIFA 2022 logo mark. This shape becomes universally identifiable across all communications - whether rippling as a transition or working as a frame for content.

A simple, clean colour palette for typography mixes flatter and punchier colours and works in conjunction with a set of atmospheric backgrounds designed to add depth and drama.


The colour palette can be extended for communications that focus on individuals or a single team and use the primary colour of the team strip to influence the design.



“The team at Red Bee is much more than a vendor for the campaign and design package. They are an integral, hands-on creative partner in a year’s long design package development and campaign. The team at Red Bee ensured we accomplished all the design goals we set out to achieve - and more!”

Chris Moore

VP Telemundo Brand Design