Stöð 2


Refreshing Stöð 2’s brand identity to draw in a younger demographic.


Since being established in 1986, Stöð 2 has played a strong role in Icelandic society, commissioning and producing local TV content, and with its own news room.

Our task was to update the channel identity to strengthen its position in the market and broaden its reach by targeting a younger demographic drawn to modern, minimal Nordic aesthetics.


At the heart of the refreshed identity is an energised logo, and a unique brand property that originates from its outline. In isolation it resembles a 2, but also an energy bolt, reflective of Stöð 2’s 100% awareness in the market. It simply can’t be ignored.


The motion theory follows the form of the graphic device, with a long sweeping curve followed by a sharp flick. A suspenseful crescendo building to a dramatic finish.


Distinctive typography reflects both the quality and edginess of the channel. It’s functional and effective but can be injected with a sense of fun through a secondary yellow font that’s often used in animation.


We devised a flexible colour palette to span the breadth of content Stöð 2 boasts, from dark dramas, to flagship entertainment and light family TV.


Quality, Fun, Luxurious and Edgy are all key words that Stöð 2 use to describe themselves. The delivered brand identity is fun and edgy, through its bravely minimal and modern approach, its bold use of colour and occasionally quirky typography but exudes a sense of quality and luxury via a flexible but structured design system.



"The experience of working with Red Bee was a truly enlightening and inspirational one. When embarking on a rebranding journey with an established media brand one is inevitably filled with a sense of responsibility towards its loyal subscribers as well staying relevant to future subscribers.

Red Bee embraced the project from start to finish delivering a brand that represents all of Channel 2‘s key elements with a sharp, colourful and energetic outcome."

Thora Clausen, Head of Programming & Acquisitions.