Ciao House S2

Food Network

For season 2 of “Ciao House” on Food Network, we dialled up the high stakes and drama, highlighting the gorgeous food and Puglia setting, with a campaign idea centering around a quintessential Italian tradition: opera.

Just like a classic Italian opera, Ciao House is a spectacle filled with passion, showmanship, and incredible performances. As 12 contestants take to the stage in Puglia, the scene is set for great drama. Which chef will steal the show?


“I am beyond floored by the Ciao House promo–it’s stunning start to finish. You guys absolutely knocked it out of the park. That’s an award-winner if I’ve ever seen one. Thank you for what you brought to this.”

Lauren Burack, VP Marketing, Food Network

“It has been an amazing partnership from beginning to end. We absolutely loved working with your team!”

Darchelle McCeary, Food Network