Asharq Discovery

Warner Bros Discovery

Creating an identity to launch Warner Bros Discovery’s new Middle Eastern channel: Asharq Discovery.

Armed with a static logo and seven channel content pillars, our task was to concept, make and deliver a channel identity spanning Motion Theory, Promo & OSP Kits, Bumpers, Idents, Key Art, Social and a Style Guide - in just three months.

First off we explored how the logo might animate, quickly informing the brand motion theory as a fluid and graceful style to be applied across all deliverables.

We devised 6 colour ways for the channel that would span the content pillars and tie each deliverable together.

The team travelled to Egypt and Lebanon to shoot the idents, which feature 360º video that captures an environment from every angle. A circular resolve wraps the footage and creates a cylindrical feel that ties into the circular device used across the rest of the brand.

Each bumper was designed to feel like a beautiful photograph, with a hint of crafted movement before a centralised circle magically appears as the logo animates on. Seven bumpers were created in total, one to reflect each content pillar.

We created a dynamic promo template system for Asharq Discovery where backgrounds, copy and images can be instantly changed at the touch of a button, greatly simplifying and speeding up the promo creation process.