Pip and Posy

Magic Light Pictures

A campaign to launch new series 'Pip and Posy' into a crowded pre-school TV market.


Magic Light Pictures, esteemed creators of much-loved children’s TV properties including 'The Gruffalo', 'Zog' and 'Stick Man', tasked us with the creative positioning and launch campaign of their first ever pre-school TV programme, 'Pip and Posy'.

In a landscape filled with colourful, playful, fun characters, we needed to establish what was most distinctive about 'Pip and Posy', that would catch the attention of children and their decision-maker parents.


'Pip and Posy' is clearly rooted in two themes: friendship and play. Their friendship is at the heart of the series, which follows not only the ups, but also the downs in their relationship. And as is true of our 3-5 year old audience, this friendship journey is experienced through the language of play. 'Pip and Posy' is entirely unique in its focus on the importance of play for developing emotional intelligence and lasting social skills, from empathy to problem solving, and, ultimately, forging stronger friendships.



Our launch trailer looks at pre-school friendship in a refreshingly honest way, capturing moments of fun and laughter, but also the trickier bits, showing that Pip and Posy can, through trial and error, solve any problems through play and friendship.


Pip and Posy live in a child-centric world, so the script was written and edited against a key criterion: would a 5-year-old say that? In production, we used one of the supporting programme characters to voice the trail, to avoid bringing an adult voice into their world.



Future campaign materials will follow the same principles, which also include a direct and in-the-moment tone of voice, observational and unhurried pacing, and, of course, a sense of playfulness.