Nova Action

TV Nova Czech Republic

Part of a multi-channel re-brand for dynamic media group CME, Nova Action was given a tighter focus on its core male audience.

A new visual identity transformed Nova Action into the ultimate mancave.

The design system is a blueprint and instruction manual showcasing all the content on the channel.

The colour palette is confident and eye catching.

Large, bold typography gives the channel presence in all applications.


A fast-paced kinetic and fluid animation style supports the brand's energetic tone.

The brand identity harnesses a dynamic, no-nonsense approach to deliver a distinctive channel aesthetic.

“Our collaboration with Red Bee Creative was really refreshing. I always felt full of energy and hope after all our meetings. We needed external help to realise our new vision and path and the Red Bee team helped us tremendously to achieve that. We appreciate the help, the great ideas and the extremely fresh approach to the work we do. But most of all, I always valued their top of class professional approach.”

Silvia Majeská
Programming Director of TV Nova and Markíza Groups