Markíza Slovakia

Part of a multi-channel re-brand for dynamic media group CME, Dajto is a male-orientated channel with genres including action, thrillers, sci-fi and comedy. The content has a passionate and loyal fan base. 

Dajto’s identity is a super fan that champions its content. It’s loud, confident and playful, with a pop culture warmth and nostalgic twist. The channel is colour coded by genre to aid audience navigation.

The brand harnesses a distinctive and bright aesthetic that is youthful but also welcoming to all those who like the content.



A modern and playful typeface that is full of personality.

The brand assets animate in a smooth and fluid style that brings a sophistication, playfulness and modernity to the bold but simple graphic visuals. 

The end result is a truly unique brand that celebrates its content. 

“Our collaboration with Red Bee Creative was really refreshing. I always felt full of energy and hope after all our meetings. We needed external help to realise our new vision and path and the Red Bee team helped us tremendously to achieve that. We appreciate the help, the great ideas and the extremely fresh approach to the work we do. But most of all, I always valued their top of class professional approach.”

Silvia Majeská
Programming Director of TV Nova and Markíza Groups