Get Yours


A campaign to redefine what CNBC Prime stands for.

What does CNBC brand stand for at night, when it switches from the business news of daytime, to primetime entertainment? With broadcasting rights to the Tokyo Olympics, we had the opportunity to define the CNBC Prime brand to a huge audience of both new and existing viewers.

We wanted to breathe new life into the brand line, ‘Get Yours’, making it a meaningful rallying cry to viewers.  Our brand spots tell the story of what it really means to ‘Get Yours’. They are celebratory and aspirational, capturing the many different journeys, goals and definitions of success of today’s entrepreneurs.

Show-specific spots were designed to keep Olympic viewers on the channel by showing that the athlete and the entrepreneur aren’t so different. If you love the passion, competition, talent and emotion of the Olympics, you’ll love CNBC shows.

Brand IDs use the brand’s signature neon look, intercut with an inspirational ‘Get Yours’ moment.