Content Highlight of the Week: The Lego Movie


Our content highlight this week is as ambitious in scale as it is diminutive in stature. The 100 minute long Lego Movie is audacious from its very title, boldly inserting Lego between 'The' and 'Movie'. The stuff of brand dreams.

It goes on to use the little and lovable (apart from the baddy) Lego characters to communicate big thoughts: 'everyone is special' and anyone can be a superhero.
There is another, rather more commercially beneficial outtake, that you don't just have to follow the Lego instructions when you build something. Anyone can be a master builder and come up with extravagant and original creations, rather like those you have just gorged on for the last hour and a half of the movie run time.

In design terms the movie is true to how lego characters move, which must help in the transition from 'wow' movie, to playing at home. So far it seems to be entrancing audiences young and old and strong anecdotal evidence (from our office) shows it is prompting kids to reach for the lego box.

The Lego Movie is playing at a cinema near you... but here's the trailer.