Content Highlight of the Week: Stella Artois Perfectionist


This week's highlight features the latest instalment of Stella Artois's Perfectionist series, which up until now has in our view been a bit more miss than hit.  

But fortunately this one falls into the latter category. The idea with The Perfectionists is to tell the untold stories of the people (or animals) behind 'the World's Greatest Events', which coincidentally all seem to be events sponsored by Stella. We'll not quibble here about Stella's definition of The World's Greatest Events (who are we to doubt the spectacle of the World Draught Masters?) but instead concentrate on the stories, which have so far primarily concerned themselves with Wimbledon. To date we've seen the racquet stringer, the groundsman and the hawk that scares the pigeons. In this one we meet Roman, the eccentric engraver of the winner's trophies, who each year since 1979 has driven over from Poland in his classic car. It's beautifully illustrated and Roman seems a likably idiosyncratic character.  But strangely the film never covers off why only Roman from Poland will do for Wimbledon. The implicit suggestion is that he's simply the best at engraving, and only the best will do for the All England Club (and by association Stella).  But Roman does remind us that it's the tiny imperfections in each hand engraving that make it so special – those minuscule inconsistencies that transform engraving from a process into a craft. I guess it must be that level of perfect yet imperfect human craftsmanship in the brewing process that makes so many discerning lads choose Stella with their 2am kebab.