Content Highlight of the Week: Everything is not awesome


When I got home last night my four year old daughter was singing the awesome track from the Lego Movie. But for the first time, as she trilled away in her squeaky soprano, there was a sinister bass note sounding in my head.

The day before I had watched this piece of content. It is visually intriguing but the music delivers the killer blow. If there ever was a soundtrack designed to be remixed it is that of the Lego movie, and the juxtaposition of this ethereal, slightly disturbing version with the 'innocent' Lego scene is perfect for Greenpeace’s message.

Their film moved me to think about my toy buying allegiances in a hugely powerful way. It shocked me. I had no idea that Lego were in bed with Shell. I was compelled to look up the association and discovered that they actually have a relationship dating back to 1966. Now I know and I can’t forget it. One of the most innocuous toys which has infiltrated every room in my house has been contaminated.

In two minutes this film has shifted my opinion of two brands (Lego and Greenpeace) and forced me to act. I haven't melted the Lego, but I have signed Greenpeace's petition.

This is awesomely powerful stuff and a lesson to brands in what can be achieved when you attract a willing audience to hear your message.