Content Highlight of the week: Samsung Surfers


Samsung’s collaboration with the association of surfing professionals is a smart move.

Ever since the Beach Boys surfing has been cool, but in recent times it's also been presented as a heady mix of spirituality, awe-inspiring natural power, exquisite skill and some serious bravery. Which brand wouldn't want a slice of that? In this film Samsung have tried to grab the lot. It's full of stunning wave scenes and the editing neatly brings together the experiences of juniors and pros, both united by the implicit message of perseverance, dedication and joyful naivety, which is made more explicit by the associated hashtag #everydayisdayone. I felt uplifted after watching it, which is all well and good…

BUT, what does it really do for Samsung? It's clear that the filmmakers have a heap of talent for glossy and evocative slo-mo surf imagery, but that doesn't bring me any closer to Samsung. If the footage is meant to be a product demo of a Samsung camera then that needs to be more overt with a proper story – perhaps about the challenges of filming the scenes.  Because no story has been told that has any connection to Samsung, however tenuous, when the product placement finally arrives it just breaks the mood of the film, and it looks a little desperate. You can see that Samsung have tried to be part of the surfing journey here, but in the end, all they really do is, like, break the rhythm of the wave, man.