Content Highlight of the week: Agent Provocateur Desert Dancers


All skipping. All dancing. All sexy. Those are pretty much the dominant themes of Penelope Cruz’s new short film for Agent Provocateur's 2014 Autumn Winter collection.

And if scantily clad super models in a desert doesn’t spell sexy then I'm not quite sure what does. Add in handsome man practically licking water off them and everyone's happy, whichever your sexual preference. Penelope's debut in the director’s chair perfectly encapsulates the overt, almost burlesque sex appeal that has for so long been the trademark of Agent Provocateur and their content. (Remember their Kylie video all those years ago.  I can't forget it.  I've tried).

They sold the underwear in the first minute, so there's no question about whether this is winning content or not. It's essentially a product demo, but given a whole lot more pizzazz than the usual moving brochure-ware churned out by the fashion world. And what it lacks in plot it makes up for in the subtle messaging of gender politics.  Rather than fawning over the chap Lynx style, the lightly dressed women in this film look empowered. They're dancing not for the man but more for the sake of having a good time, dancing for themselves. That scenario replicates something right at the heart of Agent Provocateur's appeal to it's female audience. It's a brand women are encouraged to buy for themselves, irrespective of it's notable appeal to the opposite sex.

Anyway, is it hot in here or is it just us?