Content Highlight of the Week: Nike Risk Everything


It was always going to be big, but when you have access to the world's best talent the danger is that you look big and pretentious. But this is big and fun.

The profusion of massive soccer talent and snazzy footwork should get fans salivating, but even the uninterested in the office were made a little more excited about the upcoming sporting-event-that-shall-not-be-named as we are not a sponsor. Though this cloak and daggery behaviour about exactly what this film is associated with has left some of us a touch confused. Exactly what is being supported/advertised/endorsed/piggy backed here?
Nevertheless, the overall premise is simply effective and even manages to embrace grassroots football in a believable and unpatronising way. A bunch of (slightly weedy) kids play a football game while imagining themselves as the sport's demigods. Then - lo and behold - through some snag in the space-time continuum, they get to play (or at least think they're playing) as manifestations of those stars in a hallowed stadium, at a big event, probably coming soon...