Content Highlight of the Week: Duracell's two boys in a boat


I think most people are at least a little fascinated by the mental and physical challenge of rowing the Atlantic. It immediately throws up questions that we’ve never known who to ask: How would you face the intimidating expanse of ocean? The unrelenting physical exposure? The mind crushing monotony?

And now, thanks to Duracell, two bearded ‘boys’ are about to explain all. But wait. While they had 54 days to ponder these questions, we are given only 100seconds for the answer, in a film that is neither a satisfying piece of content nor a satisfying TV commercial. What it could be is an intruiging trailer for a longer film giving the full story. This film could tell us what really happened with the sharks and reveal if it was a voyage of self discovery. We really wanted to find out more, so let's hope there's more to come.

A final question: Where was the bunny? I loved the bunny back in the day and was disappointed not to see his little sun bleached body strapped to the mast (which he apparently occupied throughout the voyage). That is a bit of product placement I would have welcomed.