Content Highlight of the Week: Just Do It (But not for Nike)


It's another double bill this week with two fine films focusing on the appropriately fertile creative zone of reproduction and reproductive organs.


Speis Rejser – Do It For Denmark

First up, we're focusing on the reproductive act itself, or perhaps the lack of it in Denmark. Those Danes just aren't doing it enough and as a result their birth rate is plunging, dragging with it Danish hopes and dreams of a prosperous economic future.  One solution to this problem would be to pull the plug on the conveyor belt of addictive Danish drama that seems to distract the Danes each night.  Without that, they may be inclined to look for other, more traditional, evening pursuits. But another option, as proposed by Danish travel company Spies Rejser is to go on holiday to, er, get some / get lucky, however Daft Punk would classify it in Denmark.  So, they've created a little mini-documentary explaining how holidays often boost instances of the reproductive act.  If travellers can prove they conceived on a Spies Rejser trip, they can win a 3 year supply of baby stuff.  As well as being a noble cause, Do It For Denmark is also fun and the film's execution presents that double-bonus perfectly by deftly shifting the tone between mock-serious and cheeky.  This wouldn't feel out of place in a 90's episode of Eurotrash.  We can give no higher compliment than that.




Testicular Cancer – Do It Quickly. Please

The idea for this one is short and sharp, a phrase probably heard by this film's volunteers at some point in the beautician's coy response to the question 'What will the pain be like when you wax my testicles?' 

The purpose of this film from Crush and BBDO is to make men consider checking their reproductive equipment more regularly, and it presents a novel way to remind menfolk of the preciousness of their organs: by inflicting extreme pain upon those organs and filming the comedic facial expressions it induces. What lifts this film beyond some basic slapstick is the music and editing in the build up to the rip, which heightens the comedy of the finale sequences.

This idea could have featured as a round on the legendary Japanese game show Endurance.  Again, no higher compliment can be given.