Content Highlight of the Week: A Generic Brand Ad


This week's highlight is a reminder of how much awareness you can create by building on top of existing content, whether that's yours or not.

Back in February, Kendra Eash wrote a neatly observed spoof VO for a Generic Brand Ad which was published in McSweeney's Internet Tendency.  It was funny, but missing something. Namely, pictures.  Enter stock footage library Dissolve who stumbled across the perfect script and decided to make the ad.  In doing so, not only have they shown off their vast library and its ability to heave out some really weirdly specific footage, but their sense of humour too.  Let's hope that it finally kills off the sort of lazy and formulaic advertising it's lampooning.  My only fear for Dissolve is that they will be receiving a lot of similar scripts now from multinational brands, sadly without a hint of irony.