Content Highlight of the Week: Cornetto 40 Love


It’s game, set and a perfect match for Cornetto and its series of Cupidity love stories.

In this lovely short film, a young girl, Debbie, finds herself as a fortuitous target for love. When she’s literally knocked out by love interest and rising tennis star, Maria, their relationship gets off to a bumpy start. But with the help of Cornetto Cupid, Lily Allen… well, I won’t spoil the ending for you.

This film is essentially an eight minute long advert. However, it’s absolutely nothing to do with ice cream. Or Cornetto. In fact, the only shots of either are at the start of each act and a bit of branding on the tennis courts. And this same approach is taken in the other films within the Cupidity love stories series. But what Cornetto has achieved with these films is a triumph and we certainly “enjoyed the ride and loved the ending”. They’re snackable, engaging and entertaining love stories that pull at the heart strings and demonstrate that if you put something worth watching out there, people will respond. Even if it doesn’t directly involve the brand. After all, everybody wants to be loved. Everybody wants to be in love.