Content Highlights of the Week: Two Wheeler


The theme of this week’s content highlight is wheels. And as two wheels are better than one…

The new Red Bull film takes us on a beautifully shot and quite mesmerizing, yet wholly voyeuristic, tour of the ruined town of Epecuén. The Red Bull fuelled (yes, unfortunately there is a ‘branded drinking moment’) street bike riding skills displayed are as mind blowing as the total destruction of the peoples’ homes and lives that the film illuminates.

What is the sequel for Epecuén and its people though? Are Red Bull going to invest the multi millions needed to bring the town back to life or will they wheelie into the sunset while poor old Epecuén settles back into the dust? Watch to find out.


A film made by Bentley is always going to have a certain caché. They design and create such beautiful, iconic, tactile and desirable motors, surely anything they touch will be equally so. And this is a film about Bentleys with iPads. BUILT IN to the back of the front seats so you can pad away while your chauffeur gets on with the hard work of driving.  All shot in a stylish monochrome much loved by the C-suite. 

But what’s really interesting about this film is that it was all filmed using the iPhone 5s, assembled on iPad air and actually edited inside the Bentley Mulsanne car. Such a high-ticket product demo may never be seen again.

Now excuse me, I’m just popping out to get a lottery ticket… (£200k if you’re asking. Twin hand-crafted rear cupholders with dedicated stowage as standard).