Content Highlight of the Week: Sainsbury's 'christmas In A Day'


This week's content highlight of the week is a truly engrossing Christmas campaign. 

While most of the media have been rightly admiring the John Lewis ad, we're struck with the truly moving storytelling in this new crowdsourced film from Sainsbury's. (It's actually a trailer for a longer film, but it stands as great content in its own right). The most powerful stories brands can tell are often those that involve real people, in real situations we relate to, experiencing real emotions. Such stories are often more compelling than anything adland can invent. Realising that, Sainsbury's have opened a series windows into the personal Christmas experiences of people just like us, whoever and wherever we are. A simple idea, but beautifully executed. The characters, the chronology, the pacing and most importantly the genuinely eye-moistening ending all help to capture a far more resonant illustration of what Christmas means to us than any cartoon woodland fable ever could.