Content Highlight of the Week: ExFEARiential


This week's content highlight of the week is a bit unusual because the brand in question is an ad agency.

While all sorts of agencies are talking the good talk about content and its role in the future of every business’s communication plans, remarkably few are actually making any about themselves. So it’s lovely to see john st back with “ExFEARiential”. This is another in the long line of funny, self-deprecating and attention grabbing films they regularly turn out (others include “Pink Pony Case study”, “Catvertising”, “Buyral”). This time they’ve moved on to the ever growing “let’s do a stunt and film it” mode of advertising that is flavour of the month right now. Great story-telling again and uncomfortably close to the truth for most of us, it’s a cracking watch (as are the unbelieving comments underneath the youtube clip).

Jim de Zoete, Creative Director, Content