Content Highlight of the Week: Deprecating comments and depreciating Mustangs


This week’s highlight won’t be winning awards for originality, but it does make for some good Youtubing.

'Secret-stunt-driver-takes-unsuspecting-passenger-on-wild-ride' is fast becoming a YouTube content format that’s set to rival teenage shopping hauls, Minecraft videos and how to fold a Brompton. The first of these branded blockbusters was from Pepsi Max, with what’s still probably the definitive example of the genre, followed up, Hollywood-style, with a brilliant sequel. Then Land Rover took a more sedate run at it to show off the Range Rover Evoque’s off-roading capabilities.  And finally with an eye on Valentine’s day, Ford has made its contribution to the burgeoning scene by introducing a dash of spicy gender politics to the rubber burning mayhem. A group of young men are set-up on a blind date with a young woman who happens to own a spanking new Ford Mustang, which she proceeds to drive with all the grace and confidence of a toddler with a chainsaw. At first. Because yes folks, you guessed it, she’s a stunt driver too!  This she reveals after doughnutting $$$$$$ off the Mustang’s resale price in some disused car park, all to the yelping soundtrack of her passengers.  Unlike Pepsi, the thrills in Ford’s film come not from the driving action itself or the panic of the passengers, but from listening in to the patronising comments from the men to the woman driver, and of course, from some of the cringeworthy first date small talk. In fact, I reckon the awkward dating chat is so watchable, it’s enough for a proper TV series on its own. I’m going to pitch it myself. Oh.