Content Highlight of the Week: Try saying Mattessons without saying F.R.H.A.N.K.


This week’s highlight is less of a highlight and more of a timely nod of appreciative respect.

It’s for a branded content series that’s been going a while now, with a huge amount of success, without much industry attention. In fact, I’ll wager that nobody reading this has seen or heard of it. Unless of course, you live with a 10 year old gamer deeply into Call of Duty and packets of Mattessons Fridge Raiders. Because that’s the target audience and that’s the brand serving what nigh on a million young gamers seem to be looking for each week: snacks, gaming chat, more snacks, and a funny robot character. On YouTube and across the web Mattessons have teamed up with Ali-A, a gaming vlogger with a big following for his videos featuring gaming news, gameplay videos and cheats, etc. The idea is a great example of a brand getting the best out of the YouTube platform. Why invent your own talent when you can partner with a YouTube star who’ll bring along your audience? To add something ownable to the content Mattessons have given Ali-A a sidekick who wants to learn all about gaming and humans: F.R.H.A.N.K. (Fridge Raiders Hunger Automated Nutritional Kit), the galaxy’s first ever snacking and gaming robot. Let the hilarity ensue.

Now, personally, I find the idea of watching this whole series about as appealing as receiving a Call of Duty-style ‘headshot’ from cold slice of Mattesson’s sausage meat. But it’s not meant for me. And that’s half the point. Back when I was 10, (actually younger), no adults I knew wanted to join in with the Mattesson-inspired entertainment of that era: trying to say ‘Mattessons without saying Mmmm’. That was a challenge for us, that the grown-ups just didn’t get. Hours and hours and hours of fun were had. Go on, try it. You see, and you’ll love this bit, the fun is you have to say ‘Mmm' a teeny-weeny bit, even if you don’t want to, otherwise it’s just ‘attessons’ and that’s a different word. See? Ahh, the old days, so much bett…Wait, come back here, I haven’t finished yet!