WDR Germany


A playful set of IDs for WDR, a regional public service media brand in west Germany.

WDR is the local broadcast network servicing the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. They have a longstanding relationship with their local audience, but wanted to encourage re-appraisal of their brand as fresh, modern and relevant.

To celebrate the regionality of the brand, and the seamless way it lives alongside its audience, we wanted to create a series of brand moments that authentically reflect that connection in a fun and unexpected way.

Working closely with the team at WDR, we selected recognisable and well-loved locations from around the region and called upon Red Bee alumnus @Paperboyo - paper artist, content creator and Instagram superstar - to bring the locations to life in a surprising way.

Paperboyo’s unique style of combining paper characters and quirky forms with buildings and landmarks made him the perfect artist to collaborate with. His artistic eye and our experience in developing long-running channel brands meant we were able to find shapes and narrative in the unexpected.

From converting the Müngstener bridge into a rollercoaster, to turning Cologne’s Crane Buildings into a sewing machine, the result is a series of wonderfully-charming brand moments created to surprise and delight the local audience.

Re-imagining Dortmund’s Football museum as a polaroid camera, to floating an Alter Flecken house up into the skies with balloons. Bringing landmarks across the whole of the North-Rhine Westphalia region to life for local audiences.

"Red Bee is a highly experienced and creative agency with the right feel for public service broadcasting. Together with the well-known Instagram artist Paperboyo, they have developed a unique and surprising campaign for our TV Channel WDR Fernsehen. The idents celebrate well-loved landmarks and bring them to life in an unexpected and charming way. It was a great collaboration between the team at WDR, Red Bee and the artist Paperboyo."

Miriam Tebert

Channel Manager, WDR TV