Top Gear


Creating the launch campaign for the Ultimate Top Gear Collection, launching on Discovery’s MotorTrend.

The Challenge

To convey the sheer number of episodes available to subscribers while capturing the unique humour of the Top Gear brand.

Our Idea

A celebration of the Ultimate Collection of Top Gear episodes on offer on MotorTrend. Viewers might have watched clips on YouTube, they might have bought the odd DVD special, they might even have checked out the Grand Tour. But now…finally…the world's greatest car show has a new home for the Ultimate Collection of Top Gear.

We created 10 spots, launching with a re-worked version of Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere,” to celebrate the global road trip the show has undertaken.


The other 9 spots were thematic celebrations of well-known and much-loved features of the show, ranging from Cheap Car Challenges to Sport with Cars and, of course, Explosions.

Losing Friends

We celebrated the Top Gear team spirit – which evaporates as soon as one of them gets into a tight spot…


What better way to launch the Ultimate Collection than with a bang?


We kicked off the Ultimate Collection with a montage of the many sports you can play with cars.