World Athletics Championships


Promoting the IAAF World Athletics Championships, held for the first time in the Middle East, for the French national public broadcaster.

These elite athletes already had precision routines to maintain their peak physical and mental sharpness, but in 2019 they also had to prepare for the heat and late-night performances. These details mattered because a fraction of a second or a couple of millimetres could cost an athlete their place on the podium.

We created 50” and 20” films that give the viewer a sense of the searing desert heat and pressure-cooker environment that the athletes will be performing under.


Working with production studio Mainframe we applied a shimmering heat haze effect over footage of athletic stars as they push themselves to the limit. 

The soundtrack is a dazzling version of Talking Heads’ Born Under Punches, performed by Angelique Kidjo. 

France Télévisions used the visual identity and soundtrack extensively across their Doha coverage including on-screen presentation, daily highlights packages and outdoor signage.