Expect the unexpected: Creating an identity for the leading Irish language channel, that moves seamlessly from broadcast into social.

This wasn’t just a case of creating new idents – rather a request for an identity that could function across platforms, and affect the way the brand is portrayed both on air and in digital spaces.


Different platforms have different needs: from fresh disposable posts that can be re-imagined each time, through to prestigious and engaging idents that bear repeat viewing over a number of years.

In line with the channel positioning of expect the unexpected’, the creative idea for the new idents is based on the notion of bringing the spirit of traditional Ireland together with digital technology in a surprising way, and involves CGI characters appearing unexpectedly into Irish scenery. The idents were shot on location across all four provinces of Ireland, with CGI coming by way of cutting edge Cinema 4D technology.


Creative development for the logo design was based on freeing the logo from its constraining boxes and then deconstructing it into elegant shapes, building a collection of brand assets to be scattered across the channel and its digital platforms.



With the flexible nature of the deconstructed TG4 logo, plus the ability to transpose and reuse the CGI elements of the idents, the resulting work offers a beautiful but fully functional multiplatform rebrand that embodies the spirit of the channel.