Introducing new brand thinking to Slovenia’s top TV channel.

POP TV is Slovenia’s leading TV channel with the highest rated shows in the country. The channel is well-loved by its audience and a successful multimedia property, but its identity was struggling to keep pace with the digital era.

We were asked to help refresh the brand identity, keeping it true to its core while developing a new, flexible identity system that would help POP TV to create a more distinctive, future-facing brand.


Every design decision was made with a clear strategic intent: to maximise attribution of the content back to the POP TV parent brand.


We introduced brand imprint thinking, developing distinctive visual and audio brand signatures that are easily applied across assets.

A modern and balanced logo

POP TV's logo is a well-recognised mark in the local market and we were conscious not to lose any of its equity. We kept our modifications simple, re-crafting its proportions and refining its finish.

A new brand property

Other elements of the new design system were inspired by the logo. Its negative space inspired the creation of "the flag" - a new brand property which acts to deliver functional brand information and which further establishes brand recognition, especially across digital. 

Working with Red Bee team was a very inspiring experience. They provided us new brand identity graphics for leading television channel in Slovenia, POP TV. With genuine curiosity they were excellent at discovering and understanding values of our viewers and personality of our brand. In line with the brief, the result was more an evolution than a revolution of the previous visual identity.

We appreciated the rich knowledge and highly professional but still very warm, cooperative and friendly approach of the Red Bee team. At every step of the way they made us feel like they want to do their best work ever. Objective oriented they have smoothly and systematically guided us to an aesthetically beautiful, but still very functional and flexible visual identity ready-made for the multiplatform and multiscreen world.

Darja Zajc, Marketing & PR Director, POP TV