Dave Refresh


Building on the enormous success of the original Dave case study, a visual refresh to bring more flexibility and reactivity to a TV brand.


Our challenge was to refresh the channel, both on and off air, giving it a smarter and more grown up look and feel, whilst maintaining the distinct personality that we established back in 2007 when the brand was launched. The main aim was to offer an identity more in keeping with the broader range of content available – moving away from the long-standing flock wallpaper and gilded frames, towards something that could work across all media, whilst ensuring Dave’s unique style of wit was still the driving force behind the brand.


We felt that the content on the channel effectively adds wit to the world of the viewer, and wanted to serve up a channel identity that helped do the same. We therefore considered what Dave would do if refreshing a channel identity, regardless of the rules and regulations of traditional TV. Our solution was to provide wit in between the programmes as well as within them, with a set of idents demonstrating how Dave ‘adds wit to the world’ as well as a stream of witty observations and amusing graphics that, whilst performing the required functions of a channel architecture, also manage to entertain and inform the audience. With over 40 different idents and a raft of amusing graphics and musings filling the gaps between the programmes Dave will now feel like a channel befitting all the witty and entertaining content it broadcasts.


“We want people to think of Dave not just as a place you visit but a mate you want to spend time with even when you can’t get near a telly. In a world crowded with hundreds of channels, Dave has always stood out for its unique personality, which gives us the ability to talk and act in ways which others can’t. This refresh is designed to inject this unique persona into everything we do on and off screen and expand the Dave brand to an even bigger audience.” Will Gunton, Senior Brand Manager, Dave

“Now not only home to all things witty, Dave’s distinct and charismatic personality is continuing to bring wit to your world through unexpected and amusing moments of entertainment and flashes of irreverent humour. The updated look and feel Red Bee has created provides a re-energised and more flexible platform for the channel’s wide range of brilliant programming.”
Steve North, General Manager, Dave


Reflecting Dave’s role as a channel, the idents add wit to the world. They take an everyday scene and add a little bit of Dave to it all, making each ident an informing yet entertaining interlude between the programmes.

Witty observations and amusing graphics

Er, that pretty much sums it up.