Who’s going to really notice a channel called UKTVG2? Well, as viewing figures in 2007 would show, pretty much nobody. So we had to do something pretty darn smart to rescue it...


Despite great programming, UKTVG2’s ratings were poor. A channel for 16-44 men with brand awareness of just 2%, it needed a major work over and a clear and desirable point of difference.


The programmes were the key; intelligent, irreverent genuine humour which led to the strapline “The home of witty banter”. Dave was chosen as the channel name to give an accessible feel that people can relate to, a completely original idea. A range of channel idents were created along with a multi-media launch campaign.


  • Weekly reach increased by 67% among target
  • Spontaneous awareness increased to 32%, higher than More 4, BBC 4, ITV3, MTV 1 and Bravo
  • Average minutes watched on channel in Pay TV increased by 17% to 34.8 mins
  • The channel’s top 20 programmes average audience increased by 51%


Presenting Dave as an eccentric and irreverent destination - the home of witty banter.


Taking inspiration from the idents, classically British symbols from the Dave country house.

Print and Taxi Wrap

Dave flock wallpaper and ‘family portraits’ for talent in the outdoor work reinforced the notion of Dave as a physical place - the home of witty banter.