Barclays LifeSkills

Barclays launched their ‘Lifeskills’ initiative to tackle the problem of youth unemployment. Their next problem was how to make those youths interested in what a bank had to say. That’s where we came in. 


LifeSkills is a national initiative, co-ordinated by Barclays, with the aim of helping to tackle the growing problem of youth unemployment. The challenge was how to engage young people with useful advice from a bank that they may not want to listen to.


Content marketing and social media are at the heart of the LifeSkills communication strategy. A major component of the programme was Work Week, in which Barclays and its LifeSkills partners launched an initiative aimed at getting over 50,000 young people into work experience across a year.  The highlight was a competition to win one of seven work experiences of a lifetime, which was promoted with two online films, created and produced by Red Bee and featuring BBC Three’s Tyger Drew-Honey and BBC Radio 1’s Jameela Jamil.  We then created four documentary-style testimonial films with the British public sharing advice they would give their 17 year old self on looking for work, interviews, the first day at work and finding your dream job.


Online films created and produced by Red Bee have helped Barclays reach over 200,000 young people (to date) with LifeSkills opportunities and advice.