Mum of the Year


We invited five people to talk about the Tesco Mum of the Year winners they know and then we sprang a little surprise. Warning: This film may cause some blubbing. 


Tesco’s Mum of the Year (MOTY) award had reached its 10th anniversary, and Tesco wanted to celebrate the achievements of those who had been honoured over the years.  But to really strike a chord with the public and accurately represent the enormous impact that these previous winners have had on the lives of others, Tesco needed more than a pretty little video montage.  They needed a film that would tell the stories of these extraordinary women in an emotive, but uplifting manner.


Not to tell the tales from the perspective of the Mums of the Year, but instead to allow the people they had helped to thank the winning mum for their efforts and impact.  Working with Cedar, we tracked down five advocates for five different MOTY winners and asked them to tell us all about the woman who had played such a part in their life: what each MOTY winner had done and what the advocate’s life might have been like without that woman – a sentiment Cedar extended into social media with the campaign #WithoutYou. But the extra surprise for each advocate was the MOTY winners were hidden away on-set watching each advocate’s testimonial, ready to step out of the background for an emotional reunion.