Content Highlight of the Week: The World's Most Boring Ad?


This week's highlight brings you some polish porn, courtesy of camera brand Leica. Polish as in dusters and Pledge, not Warsaw and jokes about plumbers. 

Most brands need something in their content mix that tells you a bit about the product and why it's different or better, and we often advise our clients to do that in the most entertaining way possible. So it takes some serious confidence to make a virtue out of a perceived lack of entertainment.  Confidence that Leica appear to have in abundance, for in seeking to communicate the superior craftsmanship of their product, they have eschewed such trivial fripperies as story, character or metaphor and opted for 45 minutes of real time, hardcore brush on metal action.  And it works splendidly. Firstly, it aptly illustrates the care and attention that they lavish on their product, justifying its premium. But secondly, and crucially, by celebrating its potentially boring effect, it actually becomes rather entertaining.  The voiceover is perfectly pitched, encapsulating the brand's obsessive but confident tone, and it dares you to watch on. I did, though like most sane people I skipped a 40 minute chunk in the middle and went straight for the climax.  Whether you watch the whole thing or not, the film makes its point brilliantly for both the product and the brand. Next week's highlight: MiracleGro plant feed, doing its thing. In real time.