Content Highlight of the Week: Van Damme Plus*.


The final content highlight of the week for 2013 is a comedy corker.  Anything Jean Claude Van Damme can do with two trucks, Chuck Norris can do higher, faster and bigger. This is a brilliantly observed, beautifully produced and impeccably timed spoof from Delov Digital.  

Though it doesn't appear to be funded by any other brand, because it's an extension of the Volvo Trucks Van Damme meme (just when it looked like flagging), I think that by default it becomes a subliminal Volvo Trucks prompt. And in this season of Secret Santas and thoughtful pressies, it's a timely reminder that a great content idea is like a gift that keeps on giving - way beyond its first execution.  Merry Christmas Chuck, and Merry Christmas Volvo Trucks.

*Please tell me you spotted the British Leyland era pun in this title.  Please…