Content Highlight of the Week: Sarah Closes The Gap


Only this week our Kath blogged on the recent rise of branded video content for women by women, and as if further proof were needed of the trend, here's another cracking example.

The National Women's Law Center in the US is a not for profit organisation which has launched a campaign to close the wage gap between men and women. Their innovative idea is the Equal Payback Project, which aims to raise and distribute the $29,811,746,430,000 that working American women are collectively owed for doing the same jobs as their male counterparts. The payback figure is unattainable, but the issue (and the enormity of the sum) is brilliantly promoted through this short film with American comedian Sarah Silverman.  Sarah points out the problem, and decides to solve (or avoid) it for herself by, er, becoming a man…

It's brilliantly scripted with some funny visual gags too. Just be sure not to accidentally pause the film in full view of your colleagues just as a row of very life-like prosthetic penises fill the screen. Not that I did that. Oh no. Never.



Talking of funny content featuring women, the fairy godmothers of travel featured in Thorne Travel's new video also provide a good laugh, though I'm not sure we're laughing for the same reasons as they are…

I just hope they were paid as much as the bloke with the tie.