Departure Lounge Speaker Highlights: Dave Coplin, Futurologist & Director of Search, Microsoft UK


Dave Coplin shares his thoughts on our 'digital society'.

Red Bee Media has launched a series of events called the Departure Lounge where we invite inspiring speakers to take us somewhere new.

This summer we were lucky enough to host Dave Coplin (@dcoplin on Twitter) Microsoft’s Head of Social Search, in-house futurologist and founder of The Envisioners. Dave had some really interesting things to say about our ‘digital society’, as well as some fascinating thinking around moving ‘beyond intent’ via Bing’s social search. We’ve posted this video to share highlights from Dave’s presentation for you delectation.

Dave Coplin, Futurologist and Director of Search, Microsoft UK

Dave is Search evangelist at Microsoft UK.

Since joining Microsoft in 2005, Dave Coplin has worked across a wide range of sectors and customers, providing strategic advice and guidance around the cost effective use of technology in relation to their business needs.

As an established thought leader in the UK and having spent a considerable amount of time in the Public Sector providing leadership and guidance around key technology policy issues like Cloud Computing, Open Government, Open Data and the “consumerisation” of IT, Dave is currently working as Director of Search for Microsoft UK’s Consumer and Online business, focusing the spotlight on the power and potential of search and the way it holds the key to society’s effective use of all that technology and the internet has to offer.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Dave spent 13 years delivering IT strategy and solutions within the Professional Services industry in the UK, Canada and the Netherlands, helping to build the foundations of a global IT infrastructure.

Dave has contributed to a range of media articles, conferences and forums all relating to the goal of making technology less “visible” and more valuable in our daily lives – many of those conversations are available on his blog, The Envisioners.

Tim Whirledge, Strategic Planner