Content Highlight of the Week: What’s an egg without bacon?


This week’s highlight comes from the Incredible Egg Organisation – the sort of body that in the UK probably would be called something dry like The Egg Marketing Board.  It exists to promote the sale and consumption of eggs on behalf of American farmers. And judging from this online film, it’s doing an eggcellent job. (Save that groan, there’s more).

In the spirit of such eggscruciating and eggshaustingly persistent punnery, they’ve thrown in the Bacon. Kevin, that is, for a series of films in which he delivers some useful health facts and cooking tips to ensure everyone knows eggsactly how good and tasty eggs can be.

The creative conceit of Kevin Bacon with eggs is, you know, kind of all-white I suppose, a little eggspedient, but what makes these films such a watchable eggsample of the online video format is the brilliant scripting and cracking acting performances, especially so in the tense triangle of awkwardness between Wife, Bacon and Husband. 

So in summary an eggceptional comic eggstravaganza that really brings the hitherto humble Incredible Egg Organisation out of its shell.