Content Highlight of the Week: Virgin Mobile USA & Samsung invent the 'Catsie'


Cats + selfies = catsies. Why hasn't that happened sooner? It's clearly what the internet's been crying out for.  Thankfully Virgin Mobile and Samsung have answered the call with this behind the scenes documentary on the team who are working to offer our cats "unparallelled self-expression", plus a much needed boost to the notoriously low internet profile of the feline species.

It's funny, shareable and showcases the product's features without need of a crowbar. But something about the acting and directing makes it feel like a comedy sketch rather than a spoof documentary. It seems like they played it for laughs when playing it straight could have made it so much better. We can say that with confidence because this similarly themed film from John St a few years back is simply much funnier. And it's funnier because John St studiously observe the conventions and nuances of the corporate case study or thought-leadership documentary. Viewing the absurd idea of Catsies through a more realistic lens could have made this film brilliant, rather than just good.

If after viewing Catsies you do happen to hanker after more realism in the treatment of your online cat content, we suggest you try this instead.