Content Highlight of the Week: P&G and Mums Pick Them Back Up


First week of term looks to be a pretty thin time for new content releases. Perhaps the world of content marketing is still clearing the fog of festive excesses.

Anyway, something watchable has cropped up from P&G. They've returned with another episode of their insightful and heartstring-tweaking sponsorship of Mums. This time the action is themed for the Sochi Winter Olympics. Technically, it's a long ad, but one that's so beautifully crafted and entertaining (who doesn't love watching children fall over?) that it's highly likely to be shared and sought, and through such alchemy is content defined. It does go a little schmaltzy at the end, but it's still a gripping demonstration of how hard it is to become good at something, and how parents can play such an important role in that. With that in mind though, wouldn't an even better content idea be a proper documentary examination of the often tense relationship between aspiring young sports stars and their parents? Think Lewis Hamilton, Andy Murray, Andre Agassi, Tiger Woods - all were precocious youngsters heavily supported or driven by their parents. Plenty of scope there, and with a new generation, to explore the often blurred boundaries between support, vicarious ambition, pushiness and crazed tyranny. I'd tune in.