Content Highlight of the Week: Nike+ data = content


In most of the northern hemisphere, January is rubbish. A) Everywhere is cold. B) Everything’s dark. And C) nearly everybody is a teeny bit fatter than they were a few months back.  To combat C many of us dig out the running shoes with the aim of giving those excess lbs an appropriate pounding. But…well, I refer you to points A and B. And there are still some leftover mince pies in my kitchen cupboard.

Recognising how tough it can be for us runners to get back into our stride, Nike has decided to help out its Nike+ users with a bit of extra motivation. They’ve sent out personalised films to 100,000 NIke+ users, to offer inspiration for their training in 2015. The campaign, created by AKQA, uses data extracted from each customers Nike+ app to create the individual messages. Titled Outdo You, the animated films feature natty visualised running stats, relevant locations and even geographically apt weather conditions in their attempt to remind the recipients of all that they achieved in 2014, and then challenge them start tackling 2015 now. 

And to let us non-Nike+ users enjoy a few collective running stats, they’ve made a few generic films too (see below).



Big data, clever CRM and lovely animation all come together beautifully for an initiative that could seduce awards juries almost as much as it energises runners.  It’s certainly geed me up. I’m off for a run, just as soon as I’ve removed those distracting mince pies…