Content Highlight of the Last Two Weeks: Absolut-ly puzzling


Dear Devoted Readers, we’ve been away for a few weeks. We know, you’ve felt it. But fear not, we’ve been working hard for you, using our every waking hour to immerse ourselves in a content initiative that’s been developing over the past fortnight. Convenient you say? What are you trying to suggest? Anyway, we speak, for the first time in this blog, of A GAME. A game commissioned by those old masters of cool collaboration - Absolut vodka.

To celebrate the launch of Absolut’s Limited Edition Andy Warhol ‘Silverpoint’ bottle, based on some blotted-line drawings of that name, Absolut teamed up with Punchdrunk, the immersive theatre company, to produce the sort of intriguingly inscrutable mystery you’d expect from such a creative menage-a-trois.

Punchdrunk are usually responsible for leading intrepid theatre-goers through bewildering but beguiling mazes of interweaving narrative strands and theatrical theme-parks of sand, woodland, subterranean spaces and car-crash scenes. And they’ve used all of their capacity for puzzlement and fractured storytelling in Silverpoint.

It involves a series of surprisingly simple but addictive brain-teasing games which unlock clues as to the whereabouts and fate of Chloe, a missing young woman. But as with any Punchdrunk narrative, the more detail you uncover, the less clear the picture becomes…

OK, it’s not going worry the makers of Candy Crush or Angry Birds, but it’s great to see an imaginative piece of content marketing that brings in some collaborators beyond the usual ‘go to’ media of music and film. And the collaborating partners are a brand-match made in heaven, for few experiences can rival the disorienting effect of a Punchdrunk production than the copious consumption of a posh vodka.

http://www.absolutsilverpoint.com & iOS app store.