Content Highlight of the Week: Come and See


An intriguing piece of recent content for our highlight of the week...

We open with iconic imagery from Florence, intercut with clips of heavily built topless men, adorned with mud and tattoos. They appear to be gearing up for some sort of fight.

Then we get into the action proper; aforementioned males of the species locking horns and bodies in a dramatic fashion. Are we witnessing some sort of previously undiscovered local spectacle to rival the Pamplona bull run or La Tomatina? Apparently yes, this curious gladiator style football event takes place in Florence every year. Whilst it isn’t as well known as the other European events mentioned, or indeed the Uffizzi/statue of David, this clever bit of cinematography using both stills and action shots captivate the viewer.

After much bravado and clashing of flesh, the conclusion is elegantly understated: ‘Come and see’. The implication here, that the world through Canon’s eyes is vivid, visceral and physical. So don’t just sit at home. Get out with your (Canon) camera.