Cannes 2013: From a World of Digital to a Digital World


There was a good round up from Contagious on some of the winners at the 2013 Cannes Festival of Creativity.

You can check out the story here.

For me, it was really interesting to look at the Cyber Lions as an indicator for wider themes in our world.

The Grand Prix for the Cyber was taken by both Intel's/Toshiba's multi-episodic content collaboration The Beauty Inside, which achieved 70 million views and a 360% lift in sales, and Oreo's Daily Twist work.

On the one hand, Intel's work is almost a return to old school story telling through moving image (albeit through a new distribution platform). Big production values. Big budgets. Attempting to set the cultural agenda.

On the other, Oreo is a demonstration of a more nimble approach to advertising; short, sharp, low-fi, "always on" bursts of activity enabling the brand to react to the cultural agenda.

A place for both approaches in 2013.

Furthermore, take a look at the number of winners that had a digital proposition at their core. Is it only a matter of time before Cannes drops the 'Cyber' award or, as Faris Yakob pointed out to me on Twitter, perhaps the word 'Cyber' is simply anachronistic?

It feels very much like the influence of the 'world of digital' at global creative forums like Cannes is waking people up to the fact that we now simply operate in a 'digital world'.

Tim Whirledge, Strategic Planner